Nader Asadi

Machine Learning Research Intern at Borealis AI.


I’m a computer science master’s student at Mila and Concordia University, advised by Eugene Belilovsky and Sudhir Mudur.

I’m broadly interested in machine learning and computer vision. My research focuses on self-supervised learning, continual learning, and out-of-distribution generalization. I’m also interested in problems at the intersection of computer vision and language, particularly multi-modal video representation learning for video retrieval and summarization.

Also, I’m an enthusiastic developer in big data space, experienced in machine learning and data mining as well as design and development of data models, data warehouse and data lake solutions, and distributed data-processing/analytics systems.


Feb 6, 2023 I’m serving as a reviewer for ICCV 2023. 🕵️
Jan 9, 2023 I’m joining Borealis AI as a Machine Learning Research Intern. :man_technologist:
Dec 1, 2022 I’m serving as a reviewer for CVPR 2023. 🕵️
May 12, 2022 I’m serving as a reviewer for TPAMI. 🕵️
Mar 2, 2022 Our paper got accepted to CVPR 2022! :tada:
Jan 20, 2022 Our paper got accepted to ICLR 2022! :tada:
Oct 23, 2021 One paper got accepted to NeurIPS 2021 workshop on Distribution Shifts.
Jan 1, 2021 Starting my MS at Mila and Concordia. :mortar_board:

Featured Publications

  1. Prototype-Sample Relation Distillation: Towards Replay-Free Continual Learning
    Nader AsadiMohammadReza Davari, Sudhir Mudur, Rahaf Aljundi, and Eugene Belilovsky
    Preprint 2023
  2. Probing Representation Forgetting in Supervised and Unsupervised Continual Learning
    MohammadReza Davari*,  Nader Asadi*, Sudhir Mudur, Rahaf Aljundi, and Eugene Belilovsky
    CVPR 2022
  3. New Insights on Reducing Abrupt Representation Change in Online Continual Learning
    Lucas CacciaRahaf AljundiNader Asadi, Tinne Tuytelaars, Joelle Pineau, and Eugene Belilovsky
    ICLR 2022
  4. Tackling Online One-Class Incremental Learning by Removing Negative Contrasts
    Nader Asadi, Sudhir Mudur, and Eugene Belilovsky
    NeurIPS Workshop on Distribution Shifts 2021